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7 Ways to Save Money on a Rental Car


Saving money on your car rental for your next trip will allow you to put more money into enjoyable activities, or simply keep the money in your pocket. Below are seven ways you can save right away.

1. Skip on All the Extra Stuff

The extras like GPS, additional insurance, roadside assistance, or satellite radio cost money. Pass on anything you can live without. Most smartphones have map access that can give you directions. You can also carry your own GPS device. Your device can also store all the music you love to hear. A few dollars saved adds up.

2. Rent in the City Instead of the Airport

Airport car rental services charge more due to the extra surcharges added by the airports. You are forced to pay an extra fee that can create completely different pricing than rental agencies in the city. By switching your source of rental cars you can see immediate savings. Visit Discount Car Rental for more information.

3. Rent an Economy Car

Small, economy cars are the most popular choice due to the smaller rental charge and the fact it’s easier on gas. You have the possibility of being upgraded for free by reserving an economy car. When you go to pick your vehicle up the availability is zero, which provides you the free upgrade possibility.

4. Check for Online Deals

Many travel sites that offer discount pricing on airline tickets and hotel rooms can also give deals on car rentals. Explore all of the sites you can and compare pricing. Only make reservations with ones that allow you to get a deposit refund if you find a better deal.

5. Use Membership Discounts

Being a member of an organization can often save you money on things like hotel stays and car rentals. Belonging to groups like AARP or AAA are two that demonstrably offer membership savings that make travel necessities more affordable. Do a little research about any of the group you are already a member of or consider joining one that will bring you big savings.

6. Look for Off-Brand Rental Companies

You don’t have to go to Enterprise or Hertz to rent a car. You can find cheaper rental companies that are just as customer service oriented. Take a look at all of the local offerings in rental companies in the location you need the vehicle.

7. Stick with One Driver Option

Adding additional drivers can cost a ton of extra money for your overall rental period. Many companies exempt extra fees for spouses close family members or even co-workers on a business trip. It will save you plenty of money on your trip.

Take advantage of several ways of saving money on your next rental car.


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