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5 Home Security Tips for the New Season


Summer is an exciting time and many people look forward to it. How many people do you know who look forward to minus twenty-five degrees? It’s natural to look forward to warmer weather after some of the bitterly cold days of winter. However, summer is also a time when you need to think of the security of your home and family. It may be a time that you may go on vacation or perhaps go to the cottage regularly. When you are away, who is going to keep your home safe? Let’s take a closer look at some good security tips for when summer finally arrives.

1. Maintenance

Let’s just say you are going away for a couple of weeks. Make some arrangements to have your property maintained during this period. So, have someone come over and weed the garden and mow the lawn. An empty home is a juicy opportunity for a burglar. You need to have maintenance done on your property anyway, so make it coincide with your vacation. It can look like you are at home.

2. Entry Doors To Be Kept Locked

Always make sure to keep your entry doors locked at all times. With great weather, you will most likely be spending a lot of time outdoors. You may be away for a short time or perhaps longer, but keep doors locked. If your locks are not secure, make sure you communicate with a locksmith for help.

Entry doors are often one of those things that can cause you to let your guard down. You could even be in the property and leave a door open for a few minutes because you’re coming back inside. However, burglars only need a moment. They may be hiding somewhere and if they spot a mistake, they will swoop in, so stay firm and lock doors even if it is just for a couple of minutes.

3. Collecting Mail

Make arrangements (if you’re going away for a few days) with family, friends or neighbours to have them collect your mail. If you are gone for a couple of weeks, your mailbox may start to overflow. This is one hell of a sign that there is nobody around.

4. Beware Of Social Media Posts

Some people know how to keep their social media posts private so that only certain people can see what they post. However, many people still don’t use the privacy settings. This means that anything you post can be seen by anybody. Burglars are clever. If they know your name and notice you posting about an upcoming vacation, you’ve just given them a warm welcome into your home. A burglar now knows that you will be away from a certain date and will only return on a certain date. Upon your return, you will have a ‘nice surprise’. Don’t advertise your vacation on social media.

5. Use Deadbolts

Make sure to have deadbolts on all entry points of your home. Deadbolts can be made and installed on all of the entry points of your home for a very reasonable price and they are absolutely worth it.

There are also other little things you can do. You can make use of lights that work on timers. This gives the illusion that you are at home. A parked car in your driveway can also deter burglars. You could install a home security alarm system. Make sure to keep valuable things out of sight so no one can see them from outside. A few things combined can help keep your home safe and find it as you left it upon returning.