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6 Guidelines for Leasing Office Equipment


Multi-function photocopiers and printers are essential business equipment, but overtime become obsolete. Similar to computers and typewriters, these devices are commercial equipment that are upgraded and improved for efficiency and performance overtime.

It makes sense to lease business printers, combining photocopiers and other functionalities which can be changed at intervals for better performance and to suit the changing needs of the business.

While a onetime cost appears more appealing when investing in a business printer, there are many drawbacks such as cost of maintenance and dealing with breakdowns. Over time, the equipment becomes less efficient and eventually must be replaced. The capital invested for equipment that eventually become obsolete is huge compared to leasing and replacing multi-functioning equipment.

1. Buying versus leasing

Buying versus leasing is a dilemma that many business owners and IT managers face, but when you see the advantages for leasing, you may want to consider this option for your organization only because you have instant access to the latest multi-functioning equipment that is best suited for your business organization, you can upgrade quickly without having to worry about raising more capital, and you do not have to be concerned about breakdowns and repairs for the equipment as these services are included in your lease contract.

Here are five reasons for leasing commercial multi-functioning printers and photocopiers:

2. Avoid obsolete equipment and keep equipment up-to-date

The problem with this type of technology is that it becomes obsolete very quickly and has a short lifespan. With leasing, your organization can change the printer or photocopier to a high-performance equipment that combines other functions such as scanning, faxing and emailing to suit the changing needs of the business.

Nowadays, printers can even punch three holes on printed paper for immediate placement into a three-punch folder. Leasing includes upgrades and even offers trade-in opportunities of older models for newer models that operate at higher speeds and volumes for business growth.

3. Less capital invested and low upfront costs

When purchasing new high-performance multifunction printers and photocopiers, your organization invests a lot of money for these machines upfront. This means utilizing capital funds on business assets that do not appreciate in value. Leasing on the contrary, involves low upfront costs and either yearly or monthly payments along with regular servicing and replacement should the equipment become obsolete or less efficient for the task at hand.

Furthermore, monthly lease can be accounted for in operating expenses and this can free up capital to invest in other areas of the business or on equipment that are likely to appreciate.

4. Technical support

In addition to the low upfront costs, leasing presents many cost advantages. Acquiring technical support when the printer or photocopier breaks down is included in the monthly or yearly fees regardless of the number of times the technician is needed, whereas purchasing a printer will mean paying separately for technical support and repairs. Another cost advantage is the printer ink that the leasing company will supply which may be included in the monthly or yearly fees.

5. Removes the hassle of disposal and recycling

By leasing your organization is not responsible for ensuring the machine is recycled or disposed of as per regulations. In fact, it removes the burden of appropriate disposal and recycling after use.

6. Flexible payments

The benefit of leasing is the small payments made each month. This comfortable arrangement gives your organization the opportunity to instantly acquire the best equipment for business efficiency.  Secondly, with smaller payments, your organization can make payments that work within the allocated annual budget. Moreover, there are tax benefits associated with leasing than buying.


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