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Checklist for Selling a House: 8 To-Do Tasks


Selling your home for a reasonable market price will take a little bit of effort. Your goal is to make your home highly valuable so that it can sell as quickly as possible for the price you expect. You want to start by making your home comfortable and presentable when buyers are viewing it as their future home.

Buyers always want to envision what the house would look like if they buy and furnish it. For this reason, you need to take a little more time to make each room vibrant, spacious and comfortable. While the inside should be impeccable, the buyers are likely to look at the outside as well especially the lawn and surrounding landscape.

Every aspect of your home should be attractive to the buyer. You also want to avoid buyers finding spots that need repair. If they do, they will try to negotiate the price. To prevent this, you want to be proactive with fixing all repair work such as holes in the walls, broken doorknobs, faulty plumbing, stained floors, broken tiles, and so forth. Make sure your home is freshly painted, decluttered and well organized when potential buyers are viewing it.

The checklist for selling a house can be overwhelming and emotionally challenging. However, with proper preparation, it can be a fun experience. If you are a little proactive and you follow this checklist, you will be successful selling your home at market value without much money spent from your pocket.

Here is a checklist for selling a house at a good price:

1. Hire a qualified real estate agent

Every checklist for selling a house should begin with hiring a real estate agent for help. you should hire a professional real estate agent with the right geographical knowledge of your neighborhood and home.

Work with a leading real estate company in Ontario who has a strong team to guide and assist you every step of the way in selling your home. Choose a team that has both real estate knowledge as well as a legal background dealing with real estate transactions.

2. Determine the market price for selling

Work with your selected real estate agent to determine the right price for your home. This price should reflect market value and your expectations on the amount you think your home is worth. Setting the right price is key to selling quickly.

You want to, of course, take advantage of the market value and increase your home price, but you also should ensure a fair offering to the buyer as overpriced homes generally do not sell. When you have the right amount determined, you will surely obtain several offers. You can review and accept the ones that best suit your price expectations.

3. Enhance the curb appeal of house

Curb appeal will help make the home sales easy. Take time to improve your landscape and lawn. Make sure the surrounding of the home is welcoming and inviting for the buyer. A little bit of tree trimming, grass mowing and sprucing can all contribute to the overall impression of your home.

4. Declutter the house

The main reason buyers are looking for a new home is that their old one lacks space. Buyers can be immediately turned off by clutter, especially when the clutter tends to take up all the room space.

Space is a top factor for buyers when they plan on investing in a home, so your priority is to ensure the maximum space for each room as you declutter. It is essential that you remove all personal items, excessive furniture and even worn-out furniture.

5. Fix, repair and upgrade the house

Don’t let a little repair or upgrade prevent you from acquiring a good market price for your home. The buyer will always have an inspection undertaken before they buy, so it is best to fix the problems ahead of time.

When the house is in good shape, all the little investment you made in repairs, upgrades or fixtures can probably be covered in your home price. Simple issues such as holes in the walls due to wall paintings or worn-out flooring can reduce your home price. Believe it or not, even a simple, fresh paint coat to your home’s interior can make a difference to the price.

6. Pay attention to the house presentation

When buyers view the home, they visualize a staged home with beautiful interiors and décor. You can either try to achieve this yourself or work with your real estate agent to provide you with some good décor ideas. They generally know what buyers are looking for in a home and what appeals to them most.

Your real estate agent can definitely help you make your home vibrant and inviting. Ensure to take their advice to present your home in the best way possible.

7. Take professional photos of the house

When you post photos of your home on social media websites or even on the real estate agent’s website, you want to ensure these photos are professionally taken to highlight the space and features of your home. Buyers are always looking at home photos before they even decide on which home to visit.

Your photos are significant in persuading the buyer to visit your home. You can ask your real estate agent for some good advice on the areas to focus on and ensure to get some good quality photos with the right lighting for the online listing.

8. Keep all paperwork and records ready

Keep all the essential documents ready for discussion or to hand over to the real estate agent when they have confirmed a few possible buyers. The last thing you want is to start searching for all the relevant documents just before a sale.

These documents can be warranties, renovations completed, permits, instruction manuals for appliances and any other related documents to help complete the transaction and handover.