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5 Tips to Take Care of Your Wooden Watch


Wooden watches are a fashion piece that is not going out of style. A wooden watch is not like any other watch as it does not consist of the same materials, it requires unique care and is always a fashion statement.

This piece needs to be properly handled in order for it to be long-lasting and well maintained so it showcases all features. Each watch is unique and will continue to slightly change and enhance over time. With proper care and maintenance, a wooden watch can become a classic item that is suitable for any occasion.

The following are some ways to care for and maintain your wooden watch.

1. Wear it

A wooden watch relies on the user’s natural oils to keep it moisturized and avoid it from going dry. It is important that the watch does not go dry as this can cause cracks and discoloration. The oils that your skin releases act as a lubricant for the wooden watch, and add shine to the material. The best thing you can do to preserve your wooden watch is wear it. Use it cautiously but comfortably for almost any event. A wooden watch can be a statement piece for a night on the town or a classic addition to an everyday outfit.

2. Stay away from water

An environment with lots of water is the one place that you should not wear a wooden watch. Submerging or soaking the watch will cause permanent damage to both the interior and exterior of the watch. If wet, the wood will morph, change shape, and possibly shrink. The water will cause permanent stains on the watch and greatly damage or ruin the interior of the watch. It is best to just keep the wooden watch away from environments that may cause you to get wet.

3. Preserve the shine

Though your natural oils do give the wooden material the lubrication that it needs, you can enhance the shine and look of the watch. By purchasing and using a protective oil, the material will become better lubricated and create a beautiful, varnished shine. If you do prefer a matte look, there are oil-based products that you can purchase that will provide all the protection with little shine. Oil-based products are key for wooden watches. Use them in small amounts as directed and you can also use them as a cleaner.

4. Avoid direct sunlight

As with all things made of wood, sunlight can cause cracking and discoloration to your watch. The sunlight will naturally cause long, thin lines of cracking if it is exposed for too long. On the other hand, it is not good to keep your watch tucked away in a box for a long period of time either. A wooden watch is natural, and it needs to be exposed to natural environments in order to maintain its appearance. Do not be afraid to wear your watch, but if you are constantly in direct sunlight, consider placing it in the case every once in awhile.

5. Enjoy the natural aging process

One of the greatest things about a wooden watch is that it will slightly change with age. The natural aspects of this watch cause it to grow and adapt to its environment. You will notice some change in color, lines or cracks, and a slight change in shape to adjust to the user. With proper care, this process is slowed but not completely stopped.

This is a really great fashion statement that only gets better with age and exposure. Enjoy watching the natural aging process and how your wooden watch slightly changes over time.


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