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6 Tips to Choose a Limousine Service


A special event requires a reliable and lavish transportation service. Booking a limousine service would be ideal for the event making it prestigious and a day to remember such as graduation or weddings. Limousines are luxurious vehicles so it would be nice if everyone experiences it once in their life. There are plenty of limousine companies to choose from, but not all companies offer quality services and a wide range of vehicles.

Here are 6 necessary tips to consider when reserving a limousine service company:

1. Dependability and variety of fleets

The limousine company should be dependable and offer a wide variety of vehicles to suit the occasion and number of guests you plan on accommodating. Apart from this, the company should be able to offer new model limousines that are in good running condition, rather than older models that are run down.

The company should be dependable when it comes to punctuality, reservations, cleanliness confirmation and they should be quick to respond to the request and plan the selected routes in a timely manner. If the company has a good standing and a known reputation in the market, you can be assured you will receive responsible and quality service. Make sure to acquire the agreement in writing!

2. Price and gratuity

Choose a limo company that offers a competitive price that works within your budget. Request for any discounts or weekend offers as most limousine companies provide various promotional deals and can even customize a package to suit your budget. Gratuity usually will be included in the price and it is up to you to pay more than the gratuity amount, but you are not obligated to pay extra.

Another factor to consider is that lower price might result in lower quality of service, higher risk and an unprofessional service. Don’t let price determine your choice of limousine and check if there is a cancellation and refund policy.

3. Safety

Safety is paramount for you and your guests and the purpose of hiring a limousine service is to be sure that you arrive at your destination safely. Ensure to check if the company has all the necessary documentation including permits, insurances, certification, licenses and so forth. The auto insurance should cover both the vehicle as well as the client hiring the vehicle. The company should be committed to safety at all times and assure you of this attribute.

4. Drivers & chauffeurs

The chauffeurs must be well trained, with a valid driver’s license and defensive driving skills. They usually dress professionally, have an impeccable safety record and are courteous to their client. Customer service is their priority during the drive.

5. Benefits

The limousine company should be able to offer many features for the service such as a TV, DVD player, radio and TV channels, privacy partition and complimentary drinks. Ask for all the benefits that the company offers that will be part of your package. Ensure that there are no hidden costs for these benefits.

6. Early booking

Limousine services get booked very quickly and may not be available during your special event. It is important to book early so that you are able to secure the service and not be stressed last minute. The limousine company will usually require the event date and details, number of passengers, timing from the point of pick up to the destination and vice versa, decoration if required for the vehicle, additional service expected and your budget for that day.

Choosing the right limousine company will enhance your event and make it a day to remember. Always consider these six tips when selecting a limousine company.


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