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Suffering from a Personal Injury? Your 3 Next Steps to Recovery


Personal injuries, from a slip, a fall or from an automobile accident are painful enough. But what about if along with the physical pain you have to suffer because you have mounting medical bills and trouble getting paid by the insurance companies? You do not have to deal with any type of injury on your own. First, get the medical assistance and help you need and then get some legal advice. You deserve the best possible legal representation to look after your personal injury.

Many people end up out of work for much longer than they thought after a personal injury, especially since there could be a period of short or long-term disability ahead. After an accident or injury there could be a lot of unexpected expenses. A doctor may be able to fix broken joints and give you something for your pain, but a personal injury lawyer can help ease the financial burden that comes as you recover and regain control of your life.

1. Recovering from automobile accidents

If you have a personal injury, especially in the case of injuries caused as a result of a motor vehicle accident you should talk to a personal injury lawyer. Even if the injury appears minor right after the accident, you should consider getting legal advice from a personal injury lawyer. The insurance companies will take and process your claim, but they are sometimes slower to act than you would like.

A lawyer who specializes in personal injuries can help you determine what you are entitled to in terms of benefits and compensation. Their initial advice is usually free, and they can tell you whether it might be advisable file a personal injury claim. These cases can become very complicated quickly, and an opinion from a personal injury lawyer won’t cost you anything but fifteen minutes of your time.

2. Helping with medical expenses

After you get hurt, the medical bills may start to pile up and everybody in the medical system wants to get paid right away. The basic hospital and clinical care may be free under our health care system, but there are a lot of things that aren’t covered. Most people don’t realize until they need these items that are not covered under our basic health care plan.

These could be anything from walkers or wheelchairs or pharmaceutical drugs like painkillers. All of which are very expensive for an individual to purchase. There could be other longer term medically related costs down the road that you don’t even know about yet. A personal injury lawyer can ensure that these bills get paid and that you also receive some compensation for your pain and suffering.

3. Dealing with insurance companies

A personal injury lawyer can provide assistance in negotiating with insurance companies. In many cases insurance companies settle their claims in a fast and efficient fashion. But if there is any doubt about who might be liable or the extent of injuries or damages, they sometimes drag their feet before making a payment on a personal injury claim.

Your lawyer will have expertise in dealing with insurance companies and they will know all of their strategies and how to get around any roadblocks they might present to avoid a prompt settlement. They can serve as your intermediary with the insurance company so that you don’t have to directly negotiate with them about the amount of any damages you may be claiming.

If any problems arise along the way, they will deal directly with the insurance companies, and there may be more than one, to ensure that you receive your full entitlements.


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