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15 Types of Boxes in Different Shapes and Sizes


The packaging boxes you use to transport and sell your products in count for a lot. The right box will help to safely provide your product to the consumer as well as market your brand. Draw attention to your brand or communicate a message by choosing the right box coming in the shape, size, material, or color of your choosing.

Among the possible packaging boxes available, here are some of the most popular types of boxes for businesses:

1. Regular slotted containers

Regular slotted containers are a standard box for the packaging industry. Ideal for shipping smaller individual products, the flaps are the same length from score to edge. Although regular slotted containers can’t be customized very well, outside of the print design, if you’re looking for something to get a lot of small products out fast, this is perfect.

2. Collapsible boxes

A collapsible box is one of the most effective types of boxes for product marketing. It’ll also save on shipping costs and storage space, in general. If you want to make your products really stand out, a collapsible box can certainly add some interest.

3. Corrugated trays

For when product visibility is of high importance, corrugated trays are excellent. They’re usually employed for point-of-sale displays, although they also work in product packaging.

4. Rigid boxes

Rigid boxes are sturdy and tend to be used for more luxurious products where presentation certainly counts. Rigid boxes also generally come in a high-end finish so they’re perfect for a products requiring some extra glamour.

5. Half-slotted containers

Similar to regular clotted containers, the primary difference with the half-slotted design is that there’s a side open which makes it perfect to slide over pre-boxed products. There are many businesses who enjoy the convenience of this box type and prefer it above others.

6. Corrugated cardboard boxes

This box type is made from gluing a curved flute to two liners. Typically used for outwards packaging, corrugated cardboard boxes are very popular among small companies. They’re relatively easy to create in almost any shape, size, and are cheap on top of it. Needless to say, it’s a very flexible option for box packaging.

7. Roll-end tuck top

Ship retail products simply with a roll-end tuck top. This is an unglued box assembled by folding. Creative in design, it’s an instantly memorable design which combined with the right colors and product can make a significant impact on your customers.

8. Folding cartons

The most common type of packaging box is the folding carton, used predominantly in retail environments. There are many ways to customize these packaging boxes to communicate branding messaging and to help draw attention to it.

9. Full-over lap boxes

Full-over lap boxes are not used as often as other box types. Tough and reliable, outer flaps overlap the width of the box which makes them practical for shipping. They’re also easy to enhance with gorgeous print designs.

10. Shoulder boxes

A shoulder box is a subcategory of a rigid box wherein the base and the lid do not meet. This creates a middle section we call the ‘shoulder’. The shoulder is used to contrast color generally, which can help if you are selling multiple products and wish to color-code each.

11. Telescope type boxes

A telescope box consists of two separate pieces. You have your base and your lid. They’re easily assembled. High-end products like Apple’s iPhones use telescope type boxes. This box type is extremely common in the tech industry and with similar high-end consumer items.

12. Shelf ready boxes

Shelf ready boxes are made specifically for retail shelves and display. When it comes to setting products to sell, shelf ready boxes are a solid recommendation. Showcase product, instantly attract the eye, and give retail customers a reason to stand out.

13. Slide type boxes

Slide type boxes are similar to telescope type boxes in the sense that there are two separate pieces. Instead of a base and a lid however, slide type boxes use a sleeve and inner box. There are several examples of amazing packaging examples using slide type boxes online.

14. Mailer boxes

If you’re mailing small products, mailer boxes are the best option you’ve got. Mailer boxes are designed to fit easily into mailboxes, for easy delivery, and are excellent if you’re shipping to customers across the country. Using a mailer box, a customer won’t need to run out to the post office if they’re not home to pick up your product.

15. Customized boxes

If none of the boxes on this list are suitable for your product, you may want a custom box. Unique packaging boxes are versatile and can evidently be to the shape or size you need. Though customizations can be expensive, they’re also a great way to give your customers something to enjoy. It can make the whole unboxing process fun and exciting. Custom boxes are common among beauty products and food shipping businesses.


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