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10 Funny Dog Toys for a Hilarious Laugh


Dogs and toys go together like a hand in a glove. They love getting new toys and we love giving them toys. Their faces just light up. There are so many funny dog toys that will bring out the best in your dog.

The great thing is that watching the dogs gives us so much joy and fun as well. Here is a list of some funny dog toys that will make you laugh!

1. Hashtag Squeaky Dog Toy

With hashtags flying about all over the place, why not get your dog a squeaky toy that is a hashtag? These funny dog toys have many squeakers in them guaranteed to get your dog’s ears pricked up. This soft and squishy plush pound sign’s many squeakers will drive your dog nuts.

This funny dog toy is available for purchase onĀ Bark Shop.

2. Zombie Foot Dog Toy

Not one for the fainthearted. Why not give doggy a Halloween present of a zombie foot, complete with protruding bone? Well, you can give it at any time too, but Halloween seems like a fun time to get this.

The funny dog toys come with gashes and fake blood and of course, there is the mandatory squeaker inside. Throw it around and watch your dog chase the foot. If neighbours complain and the cops show up, just deny, deny, deny. “What foot, officer? There’s no foot or body here officer. No, really.”

This funny dog toy is available for purchase on 365giftshop.

3. Walking Dead Well-Walker Plush Dog Toy

Dog owners and fans of the Walking Dead will enjoy this stretch and chew dog toy. Boy can this zombie stretch. Good for those dogs that are light or medium chewers. This is a good toy to play a bit of tug-of-war with your buddy.

This funny dog toy is available for purchase on Walmart.

4. Chomp A Chump Donald Trump

This dog toy is too funny. Let your pooch sink his teeth into Donald Trump and hear him squeak. More durable than other squeaky toys. Dogs love to rip apart these toys to get at the prized squeaker.

Your dog will eventually knock the stuffing out of The Donald. You’ll finally realize he’s got nothing in his pants and he’s just full of fluff.

This funny dog toy is available for purchase on Chomp A Chump.

5. Multipet™ Duckworth 13″ Plush Duck

Here’s a duck that squeaks. It tends to last longer than many other squeak toys, but then again, it also depends on your dog. I have seen some dogs cuddle with it as they fall asleep. Others have carried it around wherever they go, which is soooooo sweet to see.

For whatever reason, many dogs seem to love this duck even though many other squeaky toys are disembowelled within 10 minutes. Go figure.

This funny dog toy is available for purchase on Bed Bath & Beyond.

6. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Some dogs love toys that make weird noises. They are intrigued by it. This is one such toy. It makes several noises and you can expect your dog to ‘talk’ back to it. It will keep your dog stimulated for a long time.

Your dog will love this funny dog toy and you may even have to hide it sometimes. It drives dogs crazy!

This funny dog toy is available for purchase on Bed Bath & Beyond.

7. Trixie Flip Board Strategy Game

Dogs are intelligent and you will have pride when you see your dog trying to figure stuff out. This is more for the smaller guys. There are knobs, flaps and cones for your dog to get at so that it eventually gets a reward. It also comes with a booklet with all kinds of tips to help you and your dog to get the most out of this toy.

This funny dog toy is available for purchase on Menards.

8. Haktoys Flip Over Puppy

Dogs might not know what to make of another ‘dog’. Here’s a toy that might just cause a lot of laughter. This toy walks and barks and after a while, it will do a somersault. That’s bound to give your dog a surprise. The only thing with this is that it keeps yapping while it is on, but so what? As long as your dog enjoys it, you will too. If it gets too much, just hide it for a while.

This funny dog toy is available for purchase on Top Dog Supply.

9. IQ Treat Ball

This is great for your dog. Fill the ball with kibbles and you can even feed your dog this way. Your dog will get to play with the ball as it dispenses the kibble out as well. It is good exercise for your dog too, as he chases the ball about and gets food along the way.

Sometimes, kibbles may be missed as doggy chases that ball, but he/she can spot these a few seconds later and gobble it up. It’s great to watch your dog have fun eating this way!

This funny dog toy is available for purchase on Chewy.

10. The HurriK9

This is billed as the world’s coolest fetch toy. While it is great for dogs outside, you can also play with your dog indoors as well. It also floats on water. This ring is pretty sturdy and can withstand dog teeth. While you can throw a ball around, the ball also tends to get all slobbery. This is a much better and more fun option. Watch your dog jump up and catch it in midair. Gives them great exercise as well.

No matter what dog toys you get, I would always suggest that you should monitor them as much as possible. While some of these toys may not require monitoring as much, such as food-dispensing toys, others that contain stuffing would require more supervision.

This funny dog toy is available for purchase on HurriK9.