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3 Reasons to Update Your Plumbing Fixtures


Whether you are renovating your home or are just wanting a change, you begin to consider replacing the fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom. Like most people your main objective to replacing them is mostly aesthetic as you look to upgrade to fixtures that are more modern and elegant.

While this is important because it can drastically impact the overall look and feel of the kitchen or bathroom, there are many other reasons to consider replacing your fixtures and doing so provides significant advantages to a homeowner.

1. Decrease water use

Decreasing water use should be a goal of any household no matter where the home is located. If rural, cutting down on water will put less wear and tear on your pump and lead to less occasions where you run the well dry. In urban areas, decreasing water use will equal smaller water bills. Replacing your kitchen and bathroom fixtures in your house will allow you to cut down on the water that you use even more than just practicing simple water conservation methods.

Toilets, a major source of water use, can be changed to dual or ultra-low flush models to ensure that it only uses what it needs. Faucets can be changed to high-efficiency ones with a low flow rate or altered to include an aerator that will save water. Showerheads can be swapped for an ultra-low flow option and with newer models you will still be able to maintain a good, strong stream.

2. Save money

Because of many other financial obligations, it is beneficial when a homeowner finds a way to save some money and replacing fixtures in a home can afford this luxury. In the event that you are renovating your home or looking to replace your fixtures due to problems such as leaks, newer fixtures are easier to install than those that are older. This means that there is a good chance that you could install a new fixture yourself. If you opt to have a plumber do it, labour costs will be minimal.

As mentioned, newer fixtures are high-efficiency which translates into using less water overall, allowing you to save on water bills and costs to fix a pump that operates more frequently than it needs to. If your current fixture is old and leaking, chances are you need a plumber and it is likely cheaper to have them replace the whole fixture rather than fix it. A new fixture will work correctly and most come with a one-year labour and materials warranty as well as a manufacturer’s warranty of either 3, 6, 10 years with some even offering lifetime guarantees.

3. More functions

Gone are the days where all a faucet or showerhead does is stream water. Nowadays, these types of fixtures have numerous features that make the task at hand significantly easier. Newer faucets have taller spouts that allow you to place dirty pots and pans directly underneath for easier cleaning and the same type of spout makes filling them with water for cooking a breeze. Pull-out features with different stream settings allow for easier dish-cleaning or rinsing of fruit and vegetables.

A touch-control fixture allows you to touch anywhere on the spout or handle to activate the water at the temperature the handle is set at. Shower heads with pull-out handles and multiple stream settings allows the opportunity to choose a setting that is most comfortable and makes the bathing of children and pets much easier. With such options making jobs so easy, it is no surprise that homeowners are choosing newer fixtures even when they are not an immediate requirement.


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