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6 Tips to Choose the Best Color Scheme for Your Home


Painting is the ultimate way of giving your house the perfect finishing. The effect of color is not only physical but also psychological. If you select the wrong color scheme for your home, it might end up looking uneasy and unappealing. Here are practical tips to help you choose an ideal color scheme before you hire painters.

1. Consider what you love

The best way to settle for the ideal indoor paint is to start by considering the colors you like. When you consider what appeals to your eyes, you will shift from thinking about the traditional color schemes. Remember that your home is a reflection of your personality. Do not go for something that doesn’t inspire you because you will forever be regretful.

2. Look for inspiration

You will find various ideas in magazines, on catalogs and online. Retailer sites have inspiring pictures of houses with many color schemes that you can consider for inspiration. Scout on social media pages for insightful concepts.

3. Start small

If you are unsure where to start when creating color blocks, experiment on a smaller scale. For instance, you can use a powder in your bathroom or on the hallway. If you are experimenting alone, use small spaces that you can work on quickly so that you see the results soon. In case you are unhappy with the outcome, you can change the idea when doing the other rooms. When working with painters Toronto, you can use a much smaller section of the house.

4. Pay attention to the mood

When selecting colors for your house, consider the mood of the room and get a color that matches what you anticipate. When selecting a color for your bedroom, you would prefer having a soothing one because you go to the bedroom to rest. If you want a room to appear quiet and formal, go for deep blue-greens. Warm, bright colors create a friendly atmosphere and would be amazing in the lounge.

5. The lighting matters too

Paint stores have light boxes to test paint chips because:

  • Fluorescent lighting leaves a sharp blue nature
  • Natural daylight depicts the actual color
  • Incandescent lighting makes colors look warmer

Therefore, an intense color might be very bright when used on walls next to a window than when used elsewhere.

6. Follow the color wheel

Use a color wheel as a reference and modifying tool when you want to blend two or more colors. For instance, red and green are on opposite sides of the wheel, and when used together they are incredibly intense. You will be happy to find new color combinations. The wheel also shows the visual temperature of the different colors.


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