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10 Best Indoor Activities for Toddlers to Do


Sometimes the weather isn’t optimal to bring your toddler outdoors. Maybe it’s too hot, maybe it’s too cold, maybe you had a rough night and you need to take it easy. In any event, there are plenty of indoor activities that will occupy your little busy bee of a toddler.

If you’re cooped up in the house with your energetic toddler, have no fear – there are many indoor activities you can do with your toddler that doesn’t involve going outside. If you are in need of some child care ideas and suggestions, let’s explore ten of the best indoor activities for toddlers:

1. Sensory table

A sensory table is perfect to satisfy the curiosity of toddlers. There are many different options with these fun indoor activities for toddlers. One idea is the “ocean view” sensory table. For this table, mix water and sand with seashells and toy fish. You can even place sunken treasure at the bottom of the table as an added surprise for your toddler.

2. Arts & Crafts

Most toddlers love to participate in arts and crafts. What’s not to like? Not only is it a fun experience, but your toddler also gets to keep their crafts. This activity is also very good for their self-esteem once your toddler sees the craft they’ve produced. This is also a relaxing activity that is not too stimulating for your toddler. This activity makes for a great indoor activity for toddlers.

3. Make a fort

Making and playing in forts is an essential part of everyone’s childhood. Children love this, especially if they get to sleep in it overnight. Build them a fort, get some flashlights and make hand puppets on the walls. This activity will be fun for your toddler. Don’t be scared to get in there with them and have fun together.

4. Invite a friend over for a playdate

Playdates are always fun indoor activities for toddlers. They not only get to practice their social skills and things like sharing, but they have a buddy their age that they can play with, making these activities all the more fun and engaging.

5. Play in your toddler’s playroom

Toddlers love when mom and dad play with them. Set-up shop in your toddler’s playroom and colour with them, play dress up, have a tea party, or play in tunnels. The possibilities are endless, and your toddler will be happy they are spending time with you and getting to show you new things.

6. Games and Pretend Play

Is there a board game that your toddler absolutely adores? Being indoors is the perfect time to get those games out and play with your toddler. They may not understand all the rules of the game, but just being able to play with you will make them happy. This will also expose them to board games, and over time they will get better at them.

7. Motor and Sensory Activities

Making and playing with slime is a very good motor and sensory activity for toddlers. There are many recipes out there that you can use with your toddler.

Another motor and sensory activity is a mini sensory kit for kids. These kits contain several different objects to tickle your child’s senses. You can get creative with this or leave it nice and simple.

8. Indoor Water Activities

There are many different kinds of indoor activities for toddlers that involve water. One of these activities is a simple water play with cups and spoons. You can also make homemade sailboats, start a bubble bath toy carwash, and create frozen water surprises. You do this, you can freeze your toddler’s favorite toys in a bucket of water.

As the water melts, they will uncover some of their favourite toys. You can also use this time to try different experiments like the classic float and sink experiment.

9. Baking

It’s never too early to start baking with your toddler. Of course, attention will need to be taken to ensure your toddler stays safe. You can have them crack eggs, add in the dry ingredients and stir the batter. This increases your toddler’s self-esteem as they become competent in executing various tasks.

These indoor activities will also help set them up for a life full of baking. If you like to bake, this could be something you and your toddler get to spend quality time together doing and something to bond over.

10. Colouring

Toddlers love to colour. A great hack is to tape brown paper to your toddler’s table and give them free rein to draw and colour on the paper. Once they are done, you can remove the paper and your furniture comes out looking as great as it did before.

Colouring helps toddlers express themselves and develop their creativity. You never know, your child might be very artistic and creative, and this is a great way to help nurture their skills.