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7 Secret Tricks to Keep Your Luxury Furniture Looking Brand New


Having quality furniture – whether for decor or comfort – requires equally quality caretaking. It’s unlike normal furniture in that particular care went into its construction and its materials. Of course, that extra care comes with a higher price tag but nothing classes up a home or makes a bold statement more so than high end furniture.

It is an investment – something that can last for decades and may even outlive your home. As such, you must take proper care for it; wear and tear is particularly noticeable on luxury furniture and will certainly decrease its value and lessen the sophistication you are attempting to cultivate in your home. Worry no more, though, this is an all-encompassing guide for the proper care of your furniture.

1. Place your furniture away from windows

Try to place your furniture away from any windows, avoiding direct sunlight, as this causes fading and discoloration over time. You can keep the shades or blinds drawn to prevent this. Likewise, the fireplace, radiators, and heaters can cause damage to your furniture through direct heat contact.

2. Avoid any liquid contact.

Make sure to clean up any spills immediately with a soft, clean cloth or sponge. Dab the spill rather than wiping it to avoid rubbing the liquid into the material. You can also use distilled water or a mild, neutral-PH, nondetergent liquid soap to help clean the surface.

3. Reduce Unnecessary Damage and Wear

High humidity levels can cause several problems for your furniture, including stains, mold, and warping, so make sure to hang a hygrometer in your living room to keep track of humidity levels. Use decorative blankets and other covers on your furniture whenever possible. This prevents excess dirt and moisture from accumulating. This may not be ideal to do all the time, but it’s particularly useful when having guests over.


4. Lift furniture rather than dragging it.

Not only does this avoid damage to your floor, but it’s easier on the furniture’s legs and structure. If you’re moving furniture, make sure to drape it in heavy blankets to avoid potential damage.


5. Couch cushions need to be adjusted regularly.

Doing so will keep them in good condition, maintain their shape and size and to maximize their lifespan. Make sure to pat them into shape if they are starting to lose their firmness and support. You can also reverse the cushions if need be.

On a similar note, keep any unnecessary objects off your furniture whenever possible. Even certain materials such as plastic or rubber can cause damage if left on long enough.


 6. There’s a Right Way to Clean

To dust or polish wood surfaces, use only a soft, dry, lint-free cloth and wipe in the direction of the grain. Polishing should be done every six months. When cleaning high-gloss products, make sure to be extra delicate by using a feather duster or extra soft cloths, wiping with little to no pressure.


7. Try to only use polish when cleaning quality wood furniture.

Polish contains detergents, emulsifiers, and mineral oil, all of which clean and prevents excess dirt and moisture from building up. On the other hand, avoid using silicone cleaners, waxes, and DIY cleaners, all of which do more harm than good, especially when used improperly.

To properly clean upholstery, use a soft brush over the surface, followed by a vacuum. This should be done about once per week. Dirt and dust can make your furniture look worn or discolored.

Maintaining the look and feel of your luxury furniture is simple when done correctly. By following these tips, your Italian leather couch and oak cabinets will last many years, and your guests will never know.