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7 Signs You Are Ready for a Divorce


A divorce is one of the hardest things anyone can go through in life. Despite this, sometimes it’s the right option to make. Ending a marriage will likely be the most difficult decision any of will ever have to make. You might be in a situation where the cons of staying far outweigh the cons of leaving.

If you think you might be in that situation now, there are a number of signs you should evaluate. These basic signs can help you to determine if it’s time to start a more in-depth consideration on divorce. If you believe you’re in this situation, it might be time to have a talk with a divorce lawyer.

There are seven signs you are ready for a divorce:

1. Anger

Anger is something that everybody has to deal with in one form or another. It can have adverse effects on any facet of your life. Anger is a significant factor in the decay of romantic relationships. A relationship that is full of anger simply isn’t viable. If you find yourself unable to truly control your anger within a relationship, this could be a sign that it’s time to move on. Those who don’t confront this anger might find themselves moving onto an abusive relationship. This is one issue that could be confronted with marriage counseling first, as at this stage the relationship could be saveable.

2. Differing Values

A person’s core values are an essential component of who they are and how they live their lives. A strong and healthy relationship is at least partially founded on some sharing of these major values. Unfortunately, these values can often change over the course of a person’s life. If you find that you and your partner’s views have diverged to the point of incompatibility, it might be time to consider a divorce. This mismatch of values can lead to major friction within a relationship. It can lead to a complete inability for two people to relate to each other and live together happily.

3. Negative Interactions

Every relationship is going to have some negative interactions. This is a simple fact of life. While some negative interactions are to be expected, too many is a serious red flag. It might not be a single or several major incidents that lead to a divorce. In some cases, it’s simply the sheer quantity of minor or moderate negative interactions. Psychologists believe that, in a successful relationship, one can expect one negative interaction for every five positive interactions. If you find the negative interactions with your partner outweigh the positive, you might be in serious trouble.

4. Failed Counseling

Marriage counseling is one of the steps that many couples take before considering divorce. If you’ve spent a long time with a partner, it’s natural to want to maintain or salvage that relationship to any extent you can. What could be seen as commitment and dedication might actually be a sign that things aren’t working out. People who have undergone long-term marriage counseling without any results might simply no longer be in a viable relationship. Marriage counseling might be able to save your relationship before it heads to a final divorce. You should be going into it willing to accept that it might not.

5. Serious Arguments

Minor disputes and fights are sometimes the cause of divorce. Sometimes divorce is brought on by having very serious arguments with your partner. Even if you think you’re having more positive than negative interactions, there might be a problem. If the negative interactions are especially severe, this can be just as much of a sign that it’s time to leave. So many people end up staying in an especially toxic relationship because these fights are few and far between. If these fights are getting out of hand when they do happen they present a problem, even if there aren’t many.

6. Abuse

It is a sad fact that many people find themselves at one time or another in an abusive relationship. This can apply to a wide variety of abusive conditions. Whether it is physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, these conditions are never acceptable within a relationship. If you find yourself being abused, you should come to accept that your marriage is unviable and needs to end. Marriage is meant to be a solemn commitment of love and devotion. If your partner has perverted its meaning to the point that they are abusive, you should seek a divorce attorney immediately.

7. Unfaithfulness

Unfaithfulness, or ‘cheating’, is likely what many consider to be the most obvious cause of divorce. Within the overwhelming majority of relationships, there is an expectation of monogamy. Sometimes, people can find a way to move past an affair. These events are always extremely strenuous on a relationship. When one partner can’t trust another the relationship is in extreme jeopardy. Couples who have gone through an affair often seek marriage counseling. This might be able to smooth out the underlying issues of the marriage. An affair is a serious indicator.


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