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6 Tips for Packing Electronics for a Move


Giving careful attention to how your electronics are packed is one way to make sure they survive without getting broke or losing the power cords. Don’t leave all the details to your movers. Below are five tips to help pack and protect your sensitive electronics for the move.

1. Pack Electronic Items in the Original Boxes

One of the most important reasons to save your original packaging for electronics like stereos, flat screen televisions, or Blu-Ray players is the need to move them from one location to another safely. The original box and protective materials are made to fit your item perfectly. You won’t have to spend even more money on boxes to tuck these items in for the move.

2. Use Plenty of Soft Packing Material

You need to cushion your electronics from damage by using soft materials, especially if you are placing more than one item in the same box. Separate each using soft cloths or bubble wrap. Add at least one-inch of barrier cushion material from the edges of the box and your items. Provide a reasonable barrier to protect the electronics inside. For additional insights, you may want to visit Premiere Van Lines Winnipeg to learn more information.

3. Handle Valuable Electronics Yourself or Get Moving Insurance

Valuable items that are costly to replace should be handled by you and transported or invest in insurance for the move. Smaller electronics like laptops and expensive extra cell phones can be easily stowed in your vehicle for the move.

4. Twist-Tie Bind and Label Cords

Try and keep the cords with the items when possible. Label each cord with a sticker that will withstand the move. Wrap each cord neatly and bind it together using a small twist-tie. You can even secure the cords to the electronic item using a small piece of packing tape. Make sure you aren’t placing it on a sensitive spot that can damage the electronic item.

5. Use Plenty of Packing Tape

Don’t be shy about using plenty of packing tape on boxes that contain your electronics. Tape both the bottom and top seams to ensure they are sturdy.

6. Label Box and Keep it Out of Extreme Temperatures

Label each box carefully that has sensitive electronics inside. Make your movers aware so that they can be carefully packed and protected from extreme temperatures. You want your electronics to make the move and get to the other end in perfect working condition.

Spend quality time preparing for and using the right materials to safeguard your electronics for your move.


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