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5 Shipping Guidelines to Become an Expert


Shipping costs are an important factor to consider for all businesses, especially those who ship products or materials on a daily basis. Costs and risks can run high if not all factors are considered prior to shipping. In order to pay an accurate shipping cost and ensure that all packages are shipped on time and in good condition, take into consideration the following factors.

These are the main factors that need to be considered while shipping in order to provide your company and client with the most accurate information and cost.

1. Long weekends and holidays

Statutory holidays can affect and delay the shipping time for any package or mail. Holidays on both the sending and receiving end need to be considered prior to confirming a delivery date. However, some online shipping platforms already take into consideration the statutory holiday and provide an accurate delivery date which includes the holiday information. If you do want to receive the fastest possible transit time, try to avoid long weekends or holidays as they will add a day or two to the shipping time.

2. Weather

The cold, snowy winters can have an effect on many areas of your business and one of them includes shipping. The unpredictable weather creates an unpredictable delivery date as some packages are untouched by a winter storm while others can be delayed for a few days. Especially during the winter months, give yourself a few extra days for shipping to avoid disappointments or potential problems.

If possible, avoid rush shipping as the weather can also affect these packages and if there is a delay, money will be lost. Shipping items about two days ahead of schedule will ensure that packages are delivered on time regardless of the weather.

3. Stated dimensions

In order to receive a shipping estimate, you need to input the dimensions of your package. The stated dimensions and actual dimensions are often different which can cause a discrepancy in pricing. For accurate planning costs, it is important to state the actual dimensions on all packages. It is possible that a special handling charge can be added to the shipping costs if dimensions are initially stated incorrectly. One factor that determines the price is the carriers allowance and if there are discrepancies in sizing, the sender will be responsible for the extra cost.

4. Domestic or international shipping destination


The location of where your package will be received is one of the most important factors when choosing the shipping supplier, considering transit time, and the overall cost. International shipping is much more costly and requires more steps and details compared to domestic shipping. Prior to shipping internationally, ensure that all documentation requirements have been met and are accessible to both the carrier and customs.

The carrier should be able to provide you with what is required, how the package will be processed, and advise what items are allowed to be shipped. For domestic shipping, it is still important to keep in mind the distance of the receiving address as some domestic locations can take the same amount of time to receive packages as international destinations.

5. Packaging material

One other factor that needs to be considered prior to shipping is theĀ packaging material that you will use. Considering the weather, size of package, and destination, be sure to select a packaging material that will protect your shipment at all times. The weather can take a toll on the transit time and the package itself if it is not properly protected. Most carriers provide and recommend certain materials that are best suited for your shipment.


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