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7 Things to Consider When Designing a Business Card


When you are designing business cards, you want to ensure that they are professional and match your brand. Below are 7 factors to consider before settling on a final design for your business card.

1. Color

If you are in a creative industry, you have more leeway in your business card design. You can play around with color, texture, and even photos. If, however, you are not in a creative industry, you should keep your cards professional. Do not use more than a few colors in your design and stay away from anything too whimsical.

2. Font

The modern trend in fonts has been sans serif fonts. Not only are these fonts modern and attractive, but they are also easier to read. You may also want a font that matches your industry or logo. For example, history museums might want to use a calligraphy font and arcades might want to use a retro font.

3. Customizability

If you own a small business with only one phone and one email address, then you can design your business card around one set of text. For a large or quickly growing business, the design must accommodate different name and email address lengths. You might also want to consider adding customization options such as different colors or designs for your employees to choose from.

4. Branding

Consider the different ways to incorporate your logo and your brand. Make sure that you know the Pantone or Hex code for your brand’s colors so that all your promotional materials are consistent. If you have not already, use this as an opportunity to create a brand guide.┬áMore resources can be found at The Printing House,or speak with one of their experts if you require additional insights.

5. Templates

Templates can save you time and money while still ensuring your card has a professional appearance. If you go this route, ensure that your cards have unique elements to differentiate your business from other businesses that use the same template. If you are avoiding templates, you should consider hiring a graphic designer to ensure your business card is professional quality.

6. Finish

If you are choosing a unique finishing technique, ensure that the finish matches your brand. If a unique finish does not reflect your product or brand, it will come off as unnecessary noise in the design. If you expect people to write on the back of your cards ensure that at least one side has a matte finish.

7. Sides

Whether to make your cards one-sided or double-sided depends on how you plan to use your cards. You should choose a one-sided card if you or your employees will use the cards to network or if you might write extra info for clients on one side of the card. Two-sided cards allow more room for content and advertisement, but not a lot of room for anyone to jot down notes.