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Lofts vs. Apartments: 3 Guidelines for Buying a Property


Although lofts and studio apartments are drastically different, they’re both of interest to young professionals and couples looking for a place to live. Depending on your budget, personality and wants, you might be better suited for a loft over a studio apartment. This article details some major differences between lofts and studio apartments that will help you choose between them.

1. Both Have Different Layouts That Will Appeal To Different Personalities

Lofts get their name from the fact that they have high, lofty ceilings. Loft ceilings are usually at least ten feet high and can sometimes go up to 17 feet. High ceilings give your place a majestic feeling and allow you to take advantage of vertical storage.

Studio apartments are smaller spaces with a cozier, less modern feel. Studio apartments are usually around 600 square feet. Studios lack dividing walls in order to maximize space by combining the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Studios give you a chance to create a homely environment by using bookcases, and shoji panels divide areas instead of walls.

Lofts also feature traditional aesthetics you might see in the movies and on TV. Exposed brick, industrial pipes and of the course the high ceilings are all features of the loft aesthetic. Lofts also usually feature wooden beams and factory style windows. Some lofts even have beautiful skylights to maximize the amount of natural light in your living space.

2. There’s A Difference In Costs Between Lofts And Studio Apartment’s

Studio apartments are generally the more inexpensive choice. Studios are small and found in residential areas, which means you can save money on rent and living expenses.

Lofts, on the other hand, are generally located in metropolitan areas of the city, which means higher rent. If you enjoy downtown living and being immersed in the experience of your city, lofts offer a superior location at a premium price.

Studio apartments also give you the opportunity to save money on utilities. Smaller apartments are cheaper to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Also since you can find studio apartments in any part of the city, you won’t have to pay a premium on your rent. The smaller space will also help you save on electricity costs.

The majority of lofts were originally constructed for manufacturing and other industrial uses. Most buildings that rent out loft spaces were built in the 1920’s, which means the noise control and insulation aren’t up to modern standards. Because of this and the fact the lofts have wide open spaces, they’re much more expensive to heat when it’s cold and keep cold when it’s hot out. Lofts also have lots of wide-open spaces, which calls for more furniture to fill the void.

3. Lofts Can Serve Multiple Functions

Studio apartments are best for young professionals, singles or couples. Although you can make the small space work, it quickly becomes crowded with 3 or more people. Studios make for excellent for living spaces for 1 or 2 individuals who enjoy having a comfortable home.

Lofts are more versatile than studio apartments in the different functions they can serve. Since lofts were originally designed for factory use, you can quickly transform a loft space into an office or a studio. Lofts are also commonly used as stores, stages and sometimes even restaurants.

Depending on what you want out of your new space, you may be better suited for a loft or a studio apartment. If you’re searching for an affordable, comfortable and efficient place, then a studio apartment is your best bet. If you prefer living downtown, having wide open spaces and enjoy rustic aesthetics, lofts make for an excellent choice.


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