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4 Popular College Programs You Can Study at a Business College


A business college is an independent business school that offers students specific job training that can equip them for a productive and successful career. Some focus on one or two types of training like information technology or marketing, while others offer a full range of training in many different program areas. In Canada, private business schools must be registered and meet strict requirements that are laid out by the provincial ministry of training or education.

1. Are businesses colleges regulated?

They must also meet certain standards required by legislation governing private business colleges and all of their programming must meet the requirements that are prescribed by any regulatory body. This would include any paralegal training having to meet the specifications of the Law Society in order for them to practice in this field. Or it could be other professional associations and local health and social service authorities in the case of training provided for personal support and community workers. Business colleges also have to meet other requirements when it comes to advertising their programs, their refund policies, and the level of qualifications that their instructors are required to hold and maintain.

Here are the top four programs that may be offered by a business college

2. Business Programs

Most business colleges offer a rang of business programs and courses that will allow students to learn the basics of how business operates as well as training for some specific jobs and functions that are central to every business. This would include office administration as well as business management. On the financial side, they would likely offer some basic accounting courses as well as training for specific jobs like accounting assistant, payroll officer, and accounting administrator. A new course of training that is now being offered by many business colleges is in e-business administration to help companies manage the growing world of e-commerce and online sales.

3. Law Programs

There are three programs that are offered by the business colleges that specialize in this type of training. They are training to be a law clerk, a paralegal, and courses in police foundations.  All of these programs give students that basic understanding of the law and the justice system so that they can play a part in this important part of society. The law clerk training is carried out in conjunction with the provincial regulatory body for this profession and offers students practical knowledge in the research, analysis, theory and practice of law. Paralegal training is carried out in accordance with the policies of the provincial Law Society and gives students the tools they need to work in a law firm or government office as a paralegal. Police foundations training gives students an understanding of the criminal justice system to allow them to pursue a career in law enforcement and security.

4. Information Technology

The world of information technology continues to need an army of technicians and computer engineers to meet the growing demand throughout society. Business colleges offer training that is designed to meet those needs and to give their students a maximum opportunity for career success. Specific programs might include database managers and administrators to look after the ‘back end’ of computer programs as well as network and software engineers to build and maintain them. Then there is an information technology generalist training program that is designed to give students a basic understanding of all aspects of IT and equip them to go to work immediately in support and help desk positions in any company.

5. Health and Community Support

Business colleges are also helping to train the support and care workers that our aging society needs for today and tomorrow. This includes some general healthcare support workers as well as medical office administrators and receptionists. One of the most popular programs within the health care training field is the personal support worker who is in great demand when they finish their training in hospitals, institutions and private homes. Community support workers like personal care workers, child care workers and early child care assistants are another training program that is helping to meet the community need for support for children and older people.


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