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17 Different Predictive Index Personality Types


If you are not familiar with Predictive Index, it is an assessment technique that helps to measure employee behavior, cognitive agility and work skills. These tests are scientifically validated. This is why there are many companies across the world racing to implement these assessments, because it is making personnel more productive and creating a strong competitive edge for them.

The Predictive Index Assessment can be used for various personnel activities such as employee selection, on-boarding, succession planning, team building, leadership development and more. With the Predictive Index, companies can understand important qualities of employees and know how to retain, develop and enhance skills of these employees.

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ offers insight on what motivates and drives human behavior. This is a trademarked assessment. Through this assessment, companies can find out the behavioral style of candidates by using reference profiles. These personality profiles are based on the characteristics of each individual, which helps to understand the individual’s workplace behavior.

Here are the seventeen Predictive Index personality types identified:

Type 1: Collaborator    

Individuals with this Predictive Index personality type are friendly, supportive and patient with team members. The individual supports open communications, team decision-making and proactive responses to risk.

Type 2: Promoter

This Predictive Index personality type represents a persuasive extrovert that loves to talk. He or she can be a good listener. This person thinks out of the box and supports teamwork.

Type 3: Persuader

Considered one of the more ambitious Predictive Index personality types, this describes Someone who is a risk-taker that loves to drive change and challenge the status quo. This individual can foster strong team building.

Type 4: Captain

A captain is good in solving problems and encouraging innovation. This individual is a self-starter.

Type 5: Maverick

This particular Predictive Index personality type describes a strong decision maker who can tackle any challenge with quick responsive actions. This individual is goal-oriented.

Type 6: Altruist

This individual is amiable and cooperative. This person is a persuasive talker that makes decisions carefully and with caution.

Type 7: Specialist

A hard to find precise performer who is skeptical, but respects authority. This individual makes strong decisions based on details and facts. The individual is conservative and careful.

Type 8: Controller

This is a detailed-oriented individual that offers high quality and technical expertise. This individual can make decisions firmly and prefer to follow rules.

Type 9: Strategist

This individual is innovative, analytical and results-oriented. The person is willing to accept change, but take calculated risks.

Type 10: Analyzer

This is one of the more cerebral Predictive Index personality types. The analyzer is an imaginative problem-solver. The individual is data-driven and analytical. This person wants to know all the answers before taking any actions.

Type 11: Venturer

This individual is a self-starter who is self-motivated. The person is good with setting goals, taking risks, solving problems and challenging the status quo.

Type 12: Operator

A team player who is patient, conscientious and cooperative. This individual is always careful, cautious and reflective. The individual focuses on getting tasks completed correctly.

Type 13: Guardian

This skilled-based staff member exhibits a detailed communication style. The individual is tight with delegation and always wants to follow book rules. Risks are always avoided and close attention is given to detail.

Type 14: Craftsman

With this Predictive Index personality type, the individual is good with anticipating problems and solving them as well. The person is cautious, careful and responsive which is why he or she cannot cope well in ambiguous situations.

Type 15: Individualist

A persistent individual who is a creative problems solver. This individual is not afraid to take risks or to implement unconventional ideas.

Type 16: Scholar

This is another cerebral type of Predictive Index personality profile. The scholarly individual may be quiet and reserved, but they are highly imaginative. This person offers a high level of technical expertise.

Type 17: Adapter

The final Predictive Index personality type describes a bridge-builder who is comfortable with changes. This person is empathetic. The advantage is that this person works well with a variety of people and are good team builders.