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5 Eye-Catching Ideas for Product Packaging


When it comes to product packaging, an eye-catching design can sometimes make or break a product. Customers may be drawn to a product solely based on how it looks and perhaps give it a try. It’s similar to how one chef will garnish his dishes to give it that extra appetizing appeal while someone else can make the same dish and it doesn’t look half as appealing. Here are some ideas for good product packaging.

1. Simple & Clear

Sometimes, a simple, clear (in terms of understanding, not see through) package is enough to do the business. People can easily see the brand and know what’s inside in a few seconds. It’s easily identifiable and causes no confusion. Look at Google’s homepage as an example. It’s all white with very little else of anything. Simple, clear and they are number one in the world. Enough said!

2. Expandability

Does your product allow for variations, should you introduce another similar product? Does it have the ability to expand? Would you be able to seamlessly add a dill flavour, a sweet and sour flavour and a hot and spicy flavour further down the road while maintaining the same look? Customers must be able to tell that it’s the same brand but with other flavours. A good product package will allow for this expandability.

3. Shelf Impact

Does your package stand out in a sea of products? Products are arranged on a shelf and something catches the eye of a consumer and they move in for a closer look. Many customers have tried a new product based solely on the packaging. There may have to be a process of testing to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s important to test since it makes a significant difference in sales.

4. Display Benefits

Don’t just think of the design; show customers how they will benefit. Have enough space to display a main benefit. Let your product be like a billboard and display a main feature or benefit to catch the consumer’s attention.

5. Know Your Audience

This is an important point. If you know who your target audience is, then you can design a package based on that so that it’s easier to catch their attention and make the sale.

Make sure to use top quality printing. Not only is it impressive, but if your printing is poor, then what might it say about your product? Remember, if they’ve never bought your product before, they probably don’t know much about it or what it would do for them. You have one last chance to make them buy it with your packaging acting as the last salesperson. Test and get the packaging right and you’ll reap the rewards.


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