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4 Benefits of a Business Analysis Certificate


After some deep thought and soul-searching, you make a decision to seek employment in business analysis and while you are committed to securing employment in this field, you are unsure of how to proceed.

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is a professional body whose main objective is to support people pursuing careers in business analysis. It does this by providing the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certificate.

This certification is mandatory for all business analysts and it is recognized as the worldwide benchmark, helping to create a pool of qualified candidates from companies can hire from. If you are indeed serious about a career in business analysis, the following are 4 advantages to obtaining a certificate that will aid you in your pursuit.

1. Growth in career and salaries

Several surveys that have been carried out show that holders of a certificate in business analysis earn better salaries than their peers without the certificate. For example, a study done by the IIBA has shown that the difference in pay between those who have certification and those who do not is about 10%.

Employees with a certificate in business analysis get assigned better projects than those without certification as they have demonstrated their abilities to their employer and are able to earn a higher level of trust. Working on these important projects will allow you to add them to your portfolio, establishing yourself within the company and making yourself attractive to other employers in the event you want to one day pursue other opportunities.

2. Demonstrates commitment and dedication

Getting a certificate in business analysis is not easy and is considered harder compared to other certifications. To earn your business analysis certificate, you will be expected to put in long hours learning material, meeting deadlines, and taking exams that demonstrate your capabilities.

For this reason, companies hire business analysts with this certification knowing very well that they invested a lot of their time and effort to acquire their credentials. They expect these potential employees to carry their work ethic over to their new workplace and perform their duties in a way that will benefit the company overall. Rarely do employees with business analysis credentials fail to be successful as they have worked so hard to get to where they are.

3. Creates a broader perspective

During preparation for the certificate of business analysis examination, you learn several approaches to solve one problem. Familiarizing yourself with various techniques of finding solutions to problems is instrumental in helping you to think out of the box. This, therefore, widens the horizon of your thinking. This is useful in the workplace because you will be able to apply several techniques in carrying out projects.

Using different methods will also allow you to adapt to the different styles of managers and team members alike that you will encounter throughout your career. A business analysis certificate is proof that you are knowledgeable in different concepts and through this knowledge you can add value to the company.

4. Awareness of weaknesses

It is always difficult to know what exactly makes a good business analyst and whether you fit into that bracket or not. The acquisition of a certificate in business analysis requires one to study hard and complete all required assignments. This allows you to try and understand where you fit and you also get to see where you went wrong and try to improve on all weaknesses. Students are expected to make errors as they learn but they are also expected to learn from them and eventually make the correct choices.

Completing the business analysis certification course will allow you to test out different methods and processes to see what works before obtaining a position where errors could be costly.


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