10 Best Non-Sweet Vape Juice Flavours

Vape juices come in countless flavour options, and it’s no secret that fruity and sweet flavours dominate the market. However, you may have no options if you don’t like sweet flavours. Since many vape juices are sweet, other flavour types can be pushed aside when looking for a new flavour.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of great-tasting vape juice flavours that aren’t sweet. Here are our top ten recommendations!

Flavour #1: Goblins Pipe

We couldn’t start this list without putting tobacco flavour at the top! Tobacco is a classic vape juice for someone who wants a non-sweet flavour.

There are several excellent tobacco-flavoured vape juices. GPIPE’s “C.T.J.” is a tobacco flavour with a hint of spice from the clove and caramel notes. It’s a decadent blend of tobacco and spices that will hit the spot for those looking for a darker and more full-bodied taste.

Flavour #2: Black Hawaiian by Salts

Tobacco is a dark, spicy flavour that can be mixed with other flavour notes to change the vibe of the juice. In other words, there are many variations in the traditional tobacco taste, so you can find the perfect flavour.

Salts’ “Black Hawaiian” is a favourite customer, thanks to the hints of warm hazelnut. The hazelnut and tobacco complement each other well, making Black Hawaiian a great choice for those wanting to try a more non-traditional tobacco flavour.

Flavour #3: Frost by STLTH

There’s nothing as refreshing as mint, and mint-flavoured vape juices are no different! Cold Turkey Juice has various mint pods available. One of the best-selling mint flavours on the website is “Frost” by STLTH! This intense, frosty juice gives you a peppermint taste when you inhale and a spearmint flavour when you exhale. It’s the best of both minty worlds!

Flavour #4: Blizzard by Max Ghost

Another great choice for those wanting an ice-cold minty flavour is Blizzard by Max Ghost. As the name implies, Blizzard is a chilly mint that customers say goes down smoothly, which can be hard to nail with a minty flavour. If you’re looking for a vape reminiscent of a menthol cigarette, try Blizzard!

Flavour #5: Celtic Green by Salts

Go with “Celtic Green” by Salts for something a little softer but equally refreshing as the minty options above. This juice is a mint flavour combined with the clean taste of cucumber for a unique and very refreshing vape experience. “Celtic Green” is a full-bodied and relaxing juice blend perfect for those looking for something non-sweet but tasty and interesting.

Flavour #6: Chillin’ Coffee Iced by Flavour Beast

Are you a coffee lover? Take a coffee break every time you puff this java-inspired vape juice! Customers have said this juice is packed with flavour and goes down smoothly. It’s not too sweet but rather reminiscent of a hot, creamy mocha from your favourite coffee shop. This juice is available in both iced and non-iced versions, so if you want your coffee with a bit of mint, go with the former.

Flavour #7: Red Mojito by Elf Bar

Looking for something tropical and summery? Try out Red Mojito by Elf Bar! This flavour will transport you to a warm beach every time you take a puff. This flavour starts with a heavy lime punch, then transforms to a slightly sweet mint as you exhale. While this flavour has some sweetness, customers have said it’s not overpowering. Red Mojito will surely bring up memories of a Mexican vacation whenever you try it.

Flavour #8: Skull and Bones by Bangerang

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of options for vape juices out there? If you’re having trouble finding a flavour you enjoy, why not try a flavourless vape? Flavourless juices give you the hit you’re looking for without the stress of finding a taste you like. Skull and Bones is a great option by a trusted brand, Bangerang. This is a great option if you’re sensitive to smells and strong scents, as many vape flavours give off a strong smell when used.

Flavour #9: Sweet Chino by Keep it Local

Here’s another flavour option for all the coffee lovers out there. Sweet Chino is inspired by a delicious Italian cappuccino: sophisticated and unassuming. It’s smooth and creamy, so try this flavour if you want something easy and pleasant when vaping.

Flavour #10: Citrus Twist by Keep it Local

This vape juice is fruity but not too sweet! Citrus Twist is a tart and tangy blend of lemon and lime that’s sour in all the best ways. This summery juice is available in “iced” and “non-iced” versions.