3 Best Benefits of Installing Corner Guards

Corner guards are just a small investment but can make a big difference. They help protect machinery, furniture and walls from costly damage. Sometimes, when you are moving a heavy object that may have sharp edges and you don’t have enough space, you may accidentally cause damage either to the object or to something else and this will cost money to repair.

Corner guards can help prevent this, especially if this kind of situation happens on a daily basis. Not only are repairs costly, it will be time-consuming, yet it could all have been avoided with the use of corner guards. Let’s take a look at some of the important reasons for installing them.

1. Many Uses

There are a multitude of reasons for using corner guards especially in the business world. For example, in restaurants, they can be used in kitchens as well as other high traffic areas to offer protection. Places like loading docks, laboratories, parking garages and medical facilities all use corner guards due to high traffic, both vehicular and human, which may include the movement and transportation of machinery and other equipment.

Sometimes, moving a heavy object placed on a trolley can accidentally bang into a wall and cause damage. With a corner guard, there is ample protection to prevent this from happening. Apart from major damage prevention, it also obviously helps protect from minor damage, such as scrapes and scratches.

2. Stop Corner Damage

You can use corner guards to put an end to corner damage. You may have seen some places where the wall has a small chunk ripped out, exposing the cement in an otherwise flawless wall. It didn’t just fall out on its own. Something happened; someone must have moved something and as they were walking backwards, may have banged into the wall and knocked a sizeable chunk right off.

A sturdy corner guard would have prevented this damage from happening. Depending on the things that may need to be transported in and out, you can install different types of corner guards. Sometimes, you may just need a heavy-duty vinyl guard instead of a thick, stainless steel guard to do the job.

3. Prevent Renovation Accidents

Many people renovate their homes. Sometimes you can do it yourself if the job is small and if it’s too big, you’ll need to call a contractor. Renovations can cause accidents, since there may be rubble and other stuff that can be a hazard. A careless worker may bang some heavy equipment against a corner and rip part of your wall out. It could even happen to you.

As you transport that circular saw through a maze of debris, you accidentally scrape past a corner and chip something right off. Corner guards in certain vulnerable spots can help prevent these mishaps. Doorways and drywall are particularly vulnerable to scrapes and dents. You may need to install corner guards before any renovations begin. If unsure, you can always contact a company that deals with corner guards to ask for their advice. They will have the experience and knowledge to get you through situations such as these unscathed.